Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Tariq il tormentone

Paul Berman è quel liberal americano col ditino alzato che spiega alla sinistra europea che non ne azzecca una dai tempi del '68. Ora, in un libro per dimensioni (173mila battute!!!) in forma di articolo del New Republic spiega perché l'ultima cantonata sia dar credito, o semplicemente far parlare, Tariq Ramadan (che è quello insieme a Ratzinger nell'immagine tre post qui sotto). L'elenco delle colpe è questo:

The equanimity on the part of some well-known intellectuals and journalists in the face of Islamist death threats so numerous as to constitute a campaign; the equanimity in regard to stoning women to death; the journalistic inability even to acknowledge that women's rights have been at stake in the debates over Islamism; the inability to recall the problems faced by Muslim women in European hospitals; the inability to acknowledge how large has been the role of a revived anti-Semitism; the striking number of errors of understanding and even of fact that have entered into the journalistic presentations of Tariq Ramadan and his ideas; the refusal to discuss with any frankness the role of Ramadan's family over the years; the accidental endorsement in the Guardian of the great-uncle who finds something admirable in the September 11 attacks--what can possibly account for this string of bumbles, timidities, gaffes, omissions, miscomprehensions, and slanders?
Two developments account for it. The first development is the unimaginable rise of Islamism since the time of the Rushdie fatwa. The second is terrorism.
The New Republic

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